Day 6 – Not All Roses

I will be brief, and write more tomorrow.  But yesterday was difficult for me, very difficult.  I felt very alone and my body was failing me in what I had hoped to do.  The journey to Cuatro Vientos, where over two million participants were gathered for a Vigil with the Pope, was a little more than I could handle.  The temperature peeked around 110 degrees, and there was not much I could do to overcome my exhaustion.

I thought about women in Africa, carrying huge loads through the dessert.

I thought about how I have two good legs and my youth.

I thought about a hundred other times I have pushed my body to the limits.

It was in vain.  After walking over an hour to my destination my body was done, every inch of me drenched in sweat and my head began to ache.  I grabbed more water and turned around, but my journey home was twice as long, walking twice as far as transportation near Cuatro Vientos had stopped due to security.  I actually cried in relief when I came to the first open train station.

All in all, I walked…shuffled, on foot over 6 miles.

If this sounds like I am complaining I am not.  It was just so hard.  And as much as I prayed, I felt empty and alone.  It is part of the journey, to empty yourself out so Christ can live.  But the process, when genuine, is painful.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you.


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