In August of 2011, only two weeks from the start of World Youth Day, I decided to travel to Madrid and attend the event.

By myself.

Seven months pregnant.

Below is the letter that broke the news to family and friends. Look through Days 1-9 to read through the blog I created.  It was the pilgrimage of a lifetime…


Hello friends and family,

I am writing to tell you, that as surprising as this may sound, I will be flying to Madrid on August 16th, to World Youth Day in Madrid, and returning Thursday the 25th.

“Wait…what?” you ask.  “Aren’t you about to have a baby?  And you haven’t even mentioned anything about this?  And, uh, are you crazy?”  I would have to say, yes, yes, and…good question.  Let me back up and give you the basics.

What is World Youth Day?  World Youth Day is a week long global event held once every three years for Catholic Youth (ages18-35).   It is an opportunity to meet other Catholics from around the world, deepen your faith, and encounter the direct teachings and blessings of the Pope.  Each World Youth Day is held in a different country – 3 years ago it was in Australia, and my husband, Jake attended WYD 2002 in Toronto, Canada.  This year, it is being held in Madrid.

As many of you know, I lived in Madrid for 2 years straight out of high school, and worked with the non-denominational organization Youth With A Mission. So when it was announced three years ago, that the next WYD would be in Madrid, it was instantly in my heart to go. But, as soon as I became pregnant this last February, much changed and I let go of the idea entirely.

That was, until 2 weeks ago, when I could not sleep, or shake the thought that maybe, just maybe I could still go.  It has been a long time since I picked up and ran with an idea last minute – marriage and children have grounded me 🙂  But after some time in prayer and seeking the Lord, both Jake and I felt that this was an opportunity that the Lord had for me.

So, that’s the scoop!  If you would like to follow my journey, and find out more about what I’m doing, subscribe to this blog, new posts will be coming soon.  I would love to keep in touch and share my experience with any of you that are interested!  So excited!!

Dios os bendiga!  (If I said that wrong, well, that’s embarrassing)



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