Lent Day 1: Not ready.

I don’t think I’m ready for Lent this year.

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t ready for Lent last year.

I keep fantasizing about this epic plan for Lent where I take 40 National Geographic worthy photos, splice them with 40 completely original, hand crafted, life changing quotes, then I give away all of my personal possessions and eat nothing but oats a kale juice for 40 days. Somehow I come out on the other side having completed a crash course in sainthood and become a guru for all things spiritual – as though somehow I’m the first person to actually, seriously, consciously, observe Lent. Its a 2000 year old practice, Chrysten. Don’t reinvent the wheel here.

Reality? I’m a busy, selfish human and all I want is to be

one..step…closer…to GOD.

So ready or not, I’ll take whatever Lent has for me…

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